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Amypo is your perfect digital partner which would understand your business needs. We have highly experienced digital experts who would streamline your evolution in the right direction.



From Challenges to Opportunities: Vision Meets Reality

Founded in 2015, Amypo Technologies offers AI-driven Innovative ed-tech tools like DotCoder, Dotlab, Dotexam, Dotprep, and Dotrecruit, bridging academia and corporates with tailored solutions.

Inspiring the new era of tech minds

With a team that has a rich and diverse working experience, our developers have been hands-on with a myriad of projects, equipping them with unique insights and expertise. This profound knowledge not only underscores our product excellence but also empowers them to mentor emerging developers with unparalleled efficacy.

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Collaborative Genius: The Spirit of Amypo

Amypo’s strength lies in its people. Our ensemble of developers and trainers, each hailing from varied backgrounds and possessing distinct experiences, collaboratively infuse their collective wisdom into our products and trainings.

Beyond Barriers: Mindful Solutions for Modern Challenges

Mindful of the struggles faced by budding developers, institutions, and companies during the upskilling and recruitment phases, we’ve meticulously designed our solutions to ensure a smooth, hurdle-free journey for all stakeholders involved.

AI and Education with Amypo: