Host Services

Shared Hosting

Our Cheap Shared hosting service can provide affordable static and PHP website hosting services for low cost .

Application Hosting

Our yearly renewing application host helps you to deploay and control highend apps like MEAN & MERN STACK apps.

VPS Server

Virtual Private Server helps to deploy livestream and IOT apps instantly and scale your application easier .

About Amypo Cloud

Flexible & Scalable

Benefits with
Amypo Cloud Hostings

Low cost & highly powerful servers provided to meet your extreme data transfers with end to end security.

About Security

Server Protection from DDOS & Virus

Complex Security Made
Incredibly Simple.

We ensures the web malware protections and melicious file scanners for every backup to protect the web servers from malwares & our DDOS protection helps your site safe from web attacks.

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Your Data Will Travel,
with Security

Don't worry about your host security , our servers will provide a detail loggins of every log done which ensure the connection security and stablity.

Also high bandwith servers helps the user catagory filtering for catagorized users. So it's made simple your work with security

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Regional servers &
Bandwidth optimization

Our virtual private servers ensure and maintian the bandwidth constantly and provide stable environment even your website in high user traffic.

We use modern content delivery newtork systems (CDN) to optimize your website/web application content delivery.


Our direct reseller partnership with host providers.