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Simplifying administration of practical computer sessions

Automated Coding lab customised according to the curriculum
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Lightning Fast Compiler

Code Debugging

Pre-Installed Plugin’s

Dark/Light Mode Enabled

About dotlab

Solid student Playground with specialized IDEs

With an array of optimized features designed for effortless upskilling, DotLabs integrates with well-known development tools and IDEs, enabling students to use their tools of choice.

Custom Performance Analytics
Thorough analysis of key performance indicators like no. of code submissions, successful and failed submissions, average time taken for code submission, problems attempted and solved etc.
Instant Dev environment
DotLabs provides a seamless solution by eliminating the need for installations, enabling the developers to start coding immediately on new devices or switch devices in between.
Hands on upskilling
Enables students to learn through active engagement with interactive modules where students can hone newfound abilities through direct coding tasks and insightful guidance.

Inter/Intra College

Learning to code online with Amypo

This provides an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their skills, compete with their peers, and engage in healthy competition. It features a variety of challenges, from algorithmic problems to real-world scenarios, catering to different skill levels and programming languages.

AI Proctoring Mechanism

Amypo digital upskilling courses

Our platform provides continuous monitoring using the student’s webcam and microphone. It also encompasses a browser lockdown feature, flagging suspicious activities, and report generation at the end of an examination.

Hierarchical Leaderboards

Amypo tech learning platforms

Leaderboards can be created based on custom categories such as course level, level of experience, teams etc.,

Student Profile

Skills for AI with Amypo

Students have their own individual profiles that encompass all pertinent details, such as the courses, tests, and contests they have participated in, along with the corresponding reports.

IDE Sandbox Integration

Developers use numerous tools throughout software code creation, building, and testing. Our Unified Development Platform combines all these tools into a single framework or software suite that a developer can access from a single interface
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Patron of Trust

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Frequently Asked Question

DotLabs is a specialized IDE platform designed for effortless upskilling, integrating with renowned development tools and IDEs, allowing students to use their preferred tools.

The lab offers a lightning-fast compiler, code debugging, pre-installed plugins, and both dark/light mode options.

DotLabs offers an automated coding lab customized according to the curriculum, eliminating the need for installations and allowing developers to start coding immediately.

DotLabs offers custom performance analytics, including the number of code submissions, success rate, average time taken for submissions, and problems attempted and solved.

The platform continuously monitors using the student’s webcam and microphone, features a browser lockdown, flags suspicious activities, and generates reports post-examination.

It allows students to showcase their skills, compete with peers, and engage in challenges ranging from algorithmic problems to real-world scenarios.

Yes, DotLabs offers hierarchical leaderboards based on custom categories like course level, experience level, and teams.

It's an individual profile for students detailing their courses, tests, contests, and corresponding reports.

The platform combines tools like syntax illumination, auto code completion, debugger, source code editor, build automation tools, and error highlighting into a unified development platform.

DotLabs is a patron of trust, ensuring continuous monitoring, browser lockdown features, and flagging of suspicious activities for a secure coding environment.